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Tvgenial 5.0 Premim [Latest 2022]




NET 4.0(no longer in beta)ProGuard Professional5.1.3 (replaced with ProGuard 5.2)Adobe Photoshop CC (replaced with Photoshop CS6)Shared Features:- ***************************************************************** a. A set of free utilities that will install and uninstall an entire software suite in a single click. b. Support for an entire set of free software (system, office, photo, photo/graphics, desktop publishing, Internet, etc.). 2. Includes:- * Setup Wizard [Note: Setup Wizard must be run before you run Installer. Setup Wizard is actually an Installer that is activated and run by Setup Wizard]. * Setup Wizard Setup * Setup Wizard Uninstall * Setup Wizard Remove * Setup Wizard Pro * Setup Wizard Uninstall Pro * Setup Wizard Remove Pro * Setup Wizard Custom * Uninstaller * Admin Control Center * Setup Error Checker 3. Menu Bar: * Uninstall * Setup 4. Uninstaller [Note: Uninstaller is to uninstall the entire software suite, not just a single software] a. Uninstallation Wizard b. Uninstallation Wizard Uninstall c. Uninstallation Wizard Remove d. Uninstallation Wizard Remove Pro e. Uninstallation Wizard Remove Pro f. Uninstallation Wizard Custom g. Setup h. Setup Pro i. Setup Pro Uninstall j. Setup Pro Remove k. Setup Pro Remove Pro l. Setup Pro Remove Pro Custom 5. Installation a. Installation Wizard b. Installation Wizard Setup c. Installation Wizard Setup Uninstall d. Installation Wizard Setup Remove e. Installation Wizard Setup Remove Pro f. Installation Wizard Setup Remove Pro Pro g. Installation Wizard Custom h. Setup i. Setup Pro j. Setup Pro Uninstall k. Setup Pro Uninstall Pro l. Setup Pro Uninstall Pro Pro 6. Admin Control Center a. Admin Control Center Menu b. Admin Control Center Menu Setup c. Admin Control Center Menu Remove d. Admin Control Center Menu Remove Pro e. Admin Control Center Menu Remove Pro Pro 7. Admin Control Center Uninstaller a. Admin Control Center Uninstall Menu b. Admin Control Center Uninstall Menu Setup c. Admin



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Tvgenial 5.0 Premim [Latest 2022]
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